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When the Italian culinary traditions meet the sounds of the best Arias of Italian Opera in a beautiful location and exclusive event.

“Opera in The Kitchen” grew out of a childhood
memory spent in the open air.
The smell of freshly cut herbs, a passion for traditional cooking,
and a blissful atmosphere of the melodies of Italian Opera.

Much more than a cooking class, this is a multi-dimensional experience.
Sight, smell, sound,..and all your other senses will be awakened, leaving you with unforgettable memories.
This is for those who wish both to stay in the centre and also to relax outdoors in harmony with nature.
In the Italian countryside, immersed in the nature, you will learn to cook typical dishes using genuine Italian methods,
savouring the authenticity of traditions, accompanied by the beautiful sounds of the best Arias of Italian Opera.


In an italian tasteful and unforgettable experience immersed in nature a few miles away from Florence
  • Harvest some fresh vegetables and fruits in the garden
  • Traditional Italian cuisine cooking class
  • Delicious dinner at Sunset with high quality wines
  • Live performance of the best Arias of Italian Opera held by professional musicians
  • Groups of Max 12 people for a welcoming atmosphere
  • Private events on request
  • Transfer service provided on request


personal chef in tuscany

Personal Chef

Villa Ostuni

Apulia Experience

wedding in chianti


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Opera in The Kitchen grew out of a childhood filled with memories of moments spent in our family farmhouse and passion for traditional cooking passed on by my mother and by grandmother
Lucrezia – CEO & Director.

Energetic and enthusiastic swing dancer and saxophonist. She was born in Apulia and moved to Tuscany where she graduated from the University of Siena with a Master degree in Management & Governance.

Worked in the fine jewelry first and in a Cooking & Event school later, now she is working with passion on her own project about fusion of music and food in harmony with nature.

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