The excellence of classic Chianti

cooking class in chiantiOur cooking class takes place in the heart of the Florentine Chianti hills, a land known all over the world for the production of the typical red wine: Chianti.

Chianti Classico is produced with Sangiovese grapes for at least 80%, but also used in purity.
Other red grape vines, such as Canaiolo Nero and Colorino, can contribute to the Chianti Classico blend. However, the main international vines, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon can also contribute.

The grape gradually begins to color between July and August, beginning the ripening phase. In September, thanks to the fluctuating thermal excursions, the process ends making it possible to harvest.

It is a wine that goes well with roasts, poultry, hare and cheese and is served at 16-18 ° C.

The Chianti must be oxygenated before tasting and for this, the bottle should be uncorked a couple of hours before serving it at the table.

Opera in Chianti

Music in Chianti

Private chef in Chianti

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