The music of Opera in The Kitchen at your event

Our music for your events!

Opera in The Kitchen wants to support you in organizing your event and offers its musicians and singers.

Music has always been a fundamental part of the Opera in The Kitchen project and it is precisely what makes our experiences unique. If you also want to make your event memorable, give your guests a unique show.

Opera in The Kitchen offers:

  • classic music,
  • Opera,
  • popular music, tarantella and pizzica.

The musicians who will take care of classical music and Opera are professionals in the sector who have international experience and to know them better read their stories here.
The live performance of the Italian Opera will be held by a harpist and a soprano singer and will perform the most beautiful arias of La Traviata, Madama Butterfly, Le Nozze di Figaro, La Bohème.

While the Folk  musicians are originally from Apulia and they have learned the sounds of tradition from their parents or grandparents and today spread the sounds of the South in Florence and its province.
The performance of traditional music will be a moment of pure energy and warmth that will be able to involve all your guests.

Now, you just have to choose the melodies for your party and why not maybe blend a high music like the Italian opera to the popular one?

We will be happy to give you all the support you need to combine the elements of your party to the best.


Contact us we will be happy to give you all the details to create the best experience:


Lucrezia +393275785199


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