The origins of grano arso

Burnt wheat literally means burned grain.

The flour produced with the burnt wheat has a history that is lost in the gastronomic tradition of the Apulian cuisine. The Apulian cuisine is a poor cuisine and the burnt wheat flour was made from the grain of wheat left in the field after harvest.

What remained of the wheat was picked up by the peasants, who couldn’t afford the white flour, refined, so they took the still-usable wheat and mixed it with white flour. Black bread and black pasta were considered the lowest quality of food and had become a symbol of poverty.

In recent years this flour has not been used and was not even in circulation, but today many have returned to use it. In general it is used to make pasta like orecchiette, cavatelli, but also bread and focaccia.

chianti cooking class
During some events and cooking classes we add the flour of the burnt wheat to the white so as to make known other customs and peculiarities of Italian cuisine, so as to travel through the dishes, traditions and ancient ingredients. Mixing the two flours you have a color and a less strong flavor, but if you want to use more flour of burnt the dough will be brown and with a stronger flavor.

Why not use this ancient flour to make Christmas buns? Or totally follow the tradition and cook the orecchiette with turnip tops?
Surely your guests will be happily amazed by this particular flour rich in history.

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