Opera in the kitchen sets out for their new series of events for the summer starting at Agriturismo Cercina Vecchia just outside of the city of Florence. For tourists, foodies and those who crave for enjoyment the creative organizer puts together an unforgettable package, taking place in picturesque Tuscany. It consists of a traditional Italian food and wine experience including a cooking class that culminates in a dinner accompanied by a live performance of the most famous operatic arias.

All those interested can choose a joinable event – every Thursday or private events – on request. Joinable events are set up with a maximum of 12 persons in order to preserve an intimate and exclusive atmosphere. From transportation to full board and musical entertainment, it is a one-stop event, which allows the participants to lay back and savor with all senses.

Each of these multidimensional events takes off with a demonstration tour of the farm with the owner who explains the characteristics of his regional and seasonal products that will subsequently be used in the cooking class with an experienced chef for the preparation of traditional local dishes.

After this hands-on part, attendees are invited to lean back and proceed to pure relaxation: enjoy their self-made dinner with a degustation of selected Tuscan wines. As ear candy and absolute highlight of the tour international operating musicians “serve” classic Italian operatic arias in a private live performance.

Opera in the Kitchen has already taken place in 2016 in several small family-run “agriturismi” of Tuscany and lives up to the earlier success this summer. “We are very proud to be the only event organizer in Italy who brings the opera into the kitchen, and herby let our clients savor with all senses.” – Lucrezia Cannito, initiator and organizer of the event.

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